Hello, world!

by Jarek


Sincerely and earnestly hoping that this little book may do something toward throwing light on the American slave system, and hastening the glad day of deliverance to the millions of my brethren in bonds—faithfully relying upon the power of truth, love, and justice, for success in my humble efforts—and solemnly pledging my self anew to the sacred cause,—I subscribe myself,

FREDERICK DOUGLASS. LYNN, Mass., April 28, 1845.


[Footnotes by Frederick Douglass]

* This is the same man who gave me the roots to prevent my being whipped by Mr. Covey. He was “a clever soul.” We used frequently to talk about the fight with Covey, and as often as we did so, he would claim my success as the result of the roots which he gave me. This superstition is very common among the more ignorant slaves. A slave seldom dies but that his death is attributed to trickery. ↩︎

* She was free. ↩︎

* I had changed my name from Frederick Bailey to that of Johnson. ↩︎

* I am told that colored persons can now get employment at calking in New Bedford—a result of anti-slavery effort. ↩︎